Remote Weapon System

Remote Weapon System


  • Automated module designed for engagement of manpower and weapons of the enemy, as well as vehicles and aerial targets


  • The REMOTE WEAPON can be installed on wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, surface vessels and fixed guard posts.

MULTIPURPOSE The weapon station fulfills the following tasks:

  • Adversarial intelligence, battlefield surveillance and target acquisition;
  • Engagement of pinpoint and group targets, both moving and stationary, from short halts, on the move and afloat with the use of 12.7 mm heavy machine gun;
  • Damage assessment.


  • The weapon station is a rotating platform with an armament, ammunition load, laying drives and sighting and observation unit that incorporates a laser rangefinder.
  • The operator's workstation includes a digital panel with an inbuilt ballistic computer and remote armament controls. The workstation is securely placed inside the manned compartment of the vehicle-carrier.
  • High carbon metal is used in the main body
  • Hardox sheet metal is used in the Armor and perimeter security zone in the weapon system. For this reason, high quality strength has been achieved.
  • The motor system used in the system has high precision and durability.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight / Height excl. Weapon & Ammunition: 135-190 KG / 505-765 MM


Cameras / Sensors:

  • Flexibility to meet customers day, night and LRF requirements
  • Dynamic Capabilities:
  • Azimuth 360° unlimted range, 90° /s Elevation -20° to + 60°, 70° /s
  • Integrated Weapons:
  • 12.7mm