Four Arms Drone System Design

Four Arms Drone System Design
  • Max. 14.5 mm caliber it has the capacity of particle explosion core ejection
  • 60 pieces of 14.5 mm caliber at one time. Load take off.
  • The effective range from the target is for 14.5 mm caliver, max. 1.200 meters.
  • Being the only one in the world with its invisibility feature due to its ability to shoot at the target from a distance.
  • The system has a silent operation feature.
  • It is unique in the world with its ability to shoot with 14.5 mm caliver with the difference of its firing system.
  • It's hit rate is very high due to the lightness of the weapon system.
  • Autonomous return to home when datalink is lost.
  • Real-time video viewing and recording.



Model: CM-4 CM-4H
Dimensions: 1300mm x 1500mm x 600mm 1400mm x 1500 x 600mm
Endurance: ≤45min  ≤60min
Maximum Load: ≤25 kg ≤30 kg
Flight Radius: ≤10 km ≤12 km
Working Temperature: -40°~+65° -40°~+65°
Disassembling Time: ≤5 min ≤5 min
Power Battery: 22000 mAh 28000 mAh
Flight Speed: ≤18 m/s ≤20 m/s
Altitude: ≤3500 m ≤4000 m
Wind Resistance Level 7 Level 7
Sand Dust IP65 IP65
Rain Level Moderate Rain Moderate Rain


Standart Function:

  • Intelligent Flight: Ground imitation fligt, pointing flight, pointing task, breakpoint continued flight, AB point one-key take-off and landing, one-key return, route planning, multi-task management
  • Safety Protection: Anti-elecromagnetic interference, Triple redudancy protection, Low electricity return, Low voltage return, Propeller broke protect
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle: 720° obstacle avoidance, sensing range ≤200 meters
  • Satellite Positioning: Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Autonomous Navigation, RTK Samsung seven band
  • Positioning Accurary: Horizontal :±0.02m  Vertical: ±0.05m
  • Body Material: Carbon fiber composite material + Aviation Aluminum