CM-008 Armored Vehicle

CM-008 Armored Vehicle



  • Model: KAMAZ-53949
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Armored Chassis Type: KAMAZ-53949 ( Wheeled Armored )
  • Engine Make: Cummins
  • Vehicle Country of Production & Assembly (including but not limited to armor protection, weapon system installation, navigation system installation, testing & commissioning): Türkiye
  • Certificate of Origin: Türkiye
  • Seating capacity : 10


  • Length: 6368 mm
  • Width: 2448 mm
  • Height: 3318 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3800 mm
  • Wheel Track (Front/Rear): 2064 / 2064
  • Ground Clearance: 433 mm


  • Wheel Driver: 4x4
  • Max Speed (on road) 100 kmph
  • Gradeability: 60%
  • Approach angle (degree) 48,5
  • Departure angle (degree) 44
  • No of Fuel Tank / Capacity: -
  • Cruising range (on road) (km): 1000
  • Fording depth (mm) 1500


  • Curb weight, kg: 13700
  • Gross vehicle weight, kg: 15700
  • Load-carrying capacity, kg: 2000
  • Gross trailer weight, kg: 5000
  • Gross train weight, kg: 20700


  • Make: Cummins
  • Model: Cummins 6ISBe 350 P-6
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Displacement (CC): 6700
  • Number of Cylinders: 6V
  • Max Power (hp): 350
  • Max Torque: (N.m): 1090
  • Fuel system: Common Rail System


  • Type: Automatic


  • Vehicle-system voltage, V: 24


  • (Present): Size: 14.00 R20
  • Tread Pattern: On / Off Road


  • Engine Oil: -


  • Ballistic level protection: STANAG 4569 Level 3a / 3b

The CM-008 motor vehicles are designed to provide integrated logistics support to combined arms and special units, including peacekeeping formations, in various environments. They can be used to carry personnel and military cargos and serve as the basic chassis for mounting a variety of technical systems and weapons.
The vehicles are available 4x4 wheel configurations, have high combat and operational characteristics (mobility, protection, fighting power, design and ergonomics).
The CM-008 offer high steering capability, speed, off-road performance and maneuverability on all types of roads and terrain.
The CM-008 vehicles are capable of fording 1.50 meters without preparation and climbing a grade up to 30 degrees.
Equipped with 350hp diesel engine and automatic transmission systems, attain a road speed of at least 100 km/h and can travel up to 1,000 km without refueling.
A hydropneumatic suspension system used in all vehicles of the family ensures high ride comfort and effective vibration damping, allowing a change in the suspension stiffness characteristics, ground clearance and body position relative to the road surface, both in automatic and manual override modes. Ground clearance is automatically adjusted depending on vehicle speed, road pavement quality and person-specific driving style.
The CM-008 vehicles provide a high level of mine and ballistic protection. Special seats, along with others design features, reduce the negative effects on the crew and troops when a 8 kg TNT explosive device explodes under any wheel and anywhere under the bottom of the vehicle. A high level of ballistic protection is achieved through the use of “sandwich” armor consisting of inner conventional armor steel and new-generation outer ceramic armor.